Savings Made Easy.

We know everyone could use a little extra money, so Maines Food & Party Warehouse is here to help you save! Aside from great every day prices, we offer other ways to save whether you’re doing your regular grocery shopping, planning a party, or shopping for your restaurant or food service business.

1. Weekly Sales Flyer

View the Maines Food & Party Warehouse Weekly Sales Flyer to see the best deals we have every week! Our sales vary for each store, Click Here to see what’s on sale at your local Maines Food & Party.

2. Hot Sheet Sales

Just like we have weekly sales on our retail items, we have weekly sales on our case items, too.  The second page of our Online Weekly Sales Flyer is filled with our Hot Sheet Case Sales. These are perfect for any restaurant looking for extra savings, or even families who go through a lot of a certain product. Don’t forget, a lot of products can be broken into smaller quantities and stored until you’re ready to use them!

 Case of Shrimp

3. Savings By the Case

Restaurants, organizations, event planners and even our retail customers can take advantage of Maines Food & Party Warehouse case pricing. Instead of buying multiples of the same products, buy by the case and you’ll save!

4. Email Offers – Don’t Miss A Deal

Sign up for our email list, and you’ll get our entire Weekly Sales Flyer, Weekend Specials, Monthly GroupBuy Offers, Coupons and any other special offers. Saving money has never been easier! Click Here to sign up!

5. Weekend Specials

Just when you thought the weekend couldn’t get any better… Maines Food & Party Warehouse offers Weekend Only Sales. These are great prices on a few items Friday through Sunday. Sign up for our email list to get our Weekend Specials sent to you every week!

 Maines GroupBuy

6. Maines GroupBuys – Buy Big, Save Big!

Every month, Maines Food & Party Warehouse offers up to 50% off a case product, like 10 LBS of hot dogs or 40 LBS of chicken, to anyone who signs up for our GroupBuy. We give you a 2 day window to reserve your cases for the GroupBuy. Anyone who submits an order receives a coupon to receive the GroupBuy price during our pick-up dates. Click Here to learn more!